Ring In the New

As the year draws to a close, it seems a natural time to reflect on the events of the past and dental biomaterial trends for the upcoming year in the world of bone regeneration.

First, it is important to say “thank you” to all of our customers. It has been a pleasure to work with you, and we appreciate the trust you place in us. You use our dental biomaterials for your patients—because they work. Globally you have chosen our products for over two million patients  and in 2018 we will celebrate 30 years in business. We hope to continue providing you with high quality osteobiologics and membranes to satisfy the clinical needs of your patients.   We understand the science and biology of bone grafting, and have put together an informative glossary.  To request yours, simply click here: https://mailchi.mp/c45ab150786b/weve-got-you-covered-bone-grafting-a-to-z-glossary

We understand the importance of keeping current as a dental provider. As we look forward to 2018, we need to keep in touch with the market and look at trends for the future. Here is an interesting fact: “According to a new series of reports on the Europe market for orthopedic biomaterials by iData Research, synthetic products are becoming the preferred products over allografts, demineralized bone matrices (DBMs) and autografts, due to their affordability and easy accessibility. A wide range of synthetic products can offer flexibility and variety for different groups of patients.1”

In early Q2, we will offer a new line of bone grafts designed to offer a faster remodeling profile. The product, Osseolive® is currently in a post-market clinical evaluation with a two month re-entry bone assessment time point. Osseolive should deliver one of the fastest remodeling products on the market.

We look forward to seeing more market trends at the industry meetings we will attend next year, including IAOCI and the Chicago Mid-Winter meeting –both in February. If you’ll be there, we hope to see you there!

We always appreciate your feedback. You can email us any time at regenerative.medicine@curasan.com.


1IData Research Summary 6/16/17

Simplifying Bone Grafting for Dental Practices with curasan’s Dental Bone Grafts

When you own a dental practice, your aim has to be performing safe dental procedures, giving your patients the peace of mind and growing your practice as a business to care for a larger audience. However, the complexity of traditional bone grafting procedures involving allografts and autografts poses challenges for new and established practices. With curasan’s osteobiologic products, you have the opportunity to change. Here’s why:

Simplified Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a challenge when the patient has to donate the bone to support their dental implant. At least two surgeries have to be performed in the case of traditional autograft. With curasan’s dental bone grafts, multiple surgeries are not necessary.

Absence of Human Allografts

You can rest assured that curasan’s bioceramic bone grafts are completely free from any human or animal tissue reducing the potential risk of product related safety concerns for both you and your patient.

Faster Grafting Free of Paperwork

A lot of paperwork is required when using human allograft.   The patient is required to consent for using human tissue and the dental practice is required to return a tissue use card for each allograft product used. With curasan’s biosynthetic bone grafts, no such consents are required reducing the potential safety conversations and reducing paperwork time in the clinic.

Proven Results

One of the biggest concerns for both patients and surgeons is if the grafts they are using will be effective in achieving the results of the surgery. Bone grafts from curasan have been designed to mimic human bone.  We understand that the most important thing for any dental practice or clinic is patient’s satisfaction, and given our nearly 30 years designing, manufacturing and selling dental bone grafts, we are sure our bone grafts will help you achieve ideal patient satisfaction.

We have over 250 journal publications and industry meeting posters available that document the biological properties and science of our products.  Some study highlights that illustrate successful outcomes for patients:

  • 10 year comparative study: equal to autogenous bone for extraction alveoli repair (Harel)
  •  Bilateral sinus lift:  the only synthetic to be compared to autogenous bone for sinus lift.  The result: “no significant difference.” (Szabo)

Known Globally, Loved Locally for providing dental biomaterials

curasan:  Known Globally, Loved Locally


As the US subsidiary of curasan AG Germany, curasan, Inc. is committed to manufacturing excellent dental products. Over the years, curasan has worked hard to propel and expand the idea of modern bone grafting around the world. We can proudly say that we are known globally for our contributions in the field of bone grafting. Here’s what we have been able to achieve so far with the help of our loyal customers and dedicated team onboard:

High Quality Bone Grafts

Based on years of clinical development and research, we have been able to produce innovative new bone grafting materials that are of the highest quality in the market. The use of high quality materials has resulted in significant improvements in the field of bone regeneration options and ultimately clinical efficacy.

Used in Over 37 Countries

Our high quality products are used in over 37 countries around the world. We have been able to gain global recognition around the world for our products.

30-Year Milestone in 2018

In 2018, curasan will achieve its 30-year milestone. This will commemorate the many years we have dedicated to improving regenerative medicine. We are proud all that we have been able to achieve and look forward to sharing our success with our customers.

High-Grade Products Manufactured in Germany

We are known for manufacturing the highest quality bone grafting products in the world.  We design and manufacture the most advanced materials to serve our customer and patients for dental bone grafting.

Human Clinical Data and Research

We design our products and services after performing extensive research. We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals that incorporate human clinical data for show ultimate value for our customers.

One Stop Solution for all Dental Services

curasan provides a one stop solution for all your dental regenerative medicine needs including bone grafting and membranes for ridge augmentation, sinus lift/elevation and socket preservation.

Contact us today to see how curasan can elevate your dental business.

Welcome to the new curasan

I would like to thank you for your business. I joined curasan Inc, in 2016 as President, and am excited to be here.

To tell you a little about us: We are innovators for dental and orthopedic biomaterials with a 25-year history and close to 2 million bone grafts implanted. Our flagship biosynthetic product, CERASORB M, is part of the next generation of synthetic bone grafts designed and engineered to turnover bone in balance with the clinical needs of the patient with over 150 journal articles supporting its use

In addition to synthetic materials we offer human allograft putties and both synthetic and collagen-based membranes. We are proud to provide outstanding customer service and full regenerative medicine product portfolio to meet your regenerative medicine needs.

William Arthur Ward once said, “The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” Our company has gone through some changes in the past and we have readjusted our sails to reinforce our commitment to regenerative medicine in dental and orthopedics.

We are making changes to focus on and better serve you with relevant products and easier ordering—while still retaining our outstanding customer service focus.

I’m looking forward to building strong relationships with our customers and I welcome and encourage your feedback: please call or email me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Honest feedback is important—because it’s the only way we can improve.

Curasan is an innovative developer, manufacturer and marketer of biomaterials for bone and tissue regeneration for the world-wide dental and orthopedic markets. Our focus will be on delivering these innovative biomaterials to you to help your patients and clinical outcomes. I hope you will give us the opportunity to continue to earn your business. Email us at regenerative.medicine@curasan.com to tell us how we’re doing or to request more information.

Welcome to the new curasan—the leader in regenerative medicine.


M. Shane Ray

Future of Dentistry

Future of DentistryWhen many of us think about the future of dentistry, we tend to think of a new material or procedure, much like dental implants has become in the past few decades. This article will address it in another manner.

We will look at the future of dentistry according to the number of dentists practicing per capita. This number is rapidly declining. When we think of the future of dentistry, a decline in access to care is not normally what we think about.

To begin, we must look at the reason why we are expecting this drop off in provider availability. This should occur by the end of this decade, but why? This most likely corresponds to the peak of dentists that we had in this country in the 1980s. It also has to do with the constant rise in population.

Dental schools have a relatively limited number of spaces to train new dentists. The population continues to grow. By design, this is going to make for fewer dentists per capita. Also, playing into this is the rapid decline of dentists due to retirement. The “baby boomer” population of dentists is coming to a rapid close. They are retiring at an alarming rate without being replaced.

With it being known that we are coming to a “dip” in the number of dentists, one must ask what will be the implication. With no action, this is a basic supply and demand problem. Less supply equals greater demand. This greater demand will equal a greater cost to the patient. That is basic economics.

For the beneficence of the patient and profession, what can be done about this. The answer to this lies on several planes of explanation. The two biggest things that need to be looked at are training and access to care. Both of these lie in training the appropriate people for the job.

Dental training programs are expanding. There have been new dental schools opened recently; however, this is not the most efficient way to get more treatment to patients. A dentist can only see one patient at a time.

With the appropriate dental staff, a dentist can treat multiple patients at one time. This is why there is an even bigger increase in the number of hygienists and expanded duty dental assistants in the United States.

Bottom line, dentistry is alive, very much alive. Yet, at the same time, it is retiring at a rapid rate. This could be viewed as alarming, or it could be viewed as a wonderful opportunity. There will be more new dental jobs with great job security to be had in the very near future. It is up to us as a profession to fill, not overfill, these jobs to the best of our ability.

Retaining Dental Patients

Retaining Dental PatientsOne of the best ways to retain dental patients and ensure that you’re meeting the specific needs of each of your patients is to get to know them personally. Yes, it’s important to focus on the dental needs at hand, but if you truly know your patients, you’ll be more equipped to create a successful treatment plan and keep them coming back.

What Are Their Priorities?
What is it that makes your patient tick? Are they a parent, caring for a child with special needs? A recent retiree? Someone headed back to school for a career change? All of these people have different goals in mind. When one just needs to maintain their smile, the other may need appointment flexibility.

Consider Jotting Down Notes
If you’re like most people, you’re not going to remember every detail about every conversation you have in your dental operatory. But, jotting down a few notes about the conversations that you had can help. Refresh your memory before stepping in to see the patient, and ask them for an update. It will help you remember them better, and the patient to feel that you truly value them as an individual.

Make a Quick Phone Call
Did your patient have a particularly lengthy or difficult procedure? Call them in person to check on them to make sure they’re recovering ok. They won’t expect it, and it shows that you actually care.

Don’t Forget Bonding With Your Staff
If your patients spot tension or bickering among your office staff, it’s not a good thing. In fact, they might start to think that everybody is out for themselves, instead of focusing on patient care.

To value your patients and nurture those relationships, you must first kindle relationships among your dental team. This includes respecting one another and floating among the office to make sure work is done efficiently, without complaining. Patients will find it more enjoyable to be seen in a practice that also looks like a fun place to work.

Remember Important Events
Finally, it never hurts to send a hand written card to patients that have lost a loved one, gotten married, had a baby, or celebrated something huge like a retirement. Get the entire office to sign it, and use it as a chance to create value in your relationship with them.

Retaining dental patients is the best part of job.  Treat them like friends, because most of them actually are.

Build A Dental Practice

Build A Dental PracticeFirst Comes Dental School, then Comes What?!?

For most dentists, there are a few common themes to all of their educational and professional experiences. They all have, obviously, been through the rigor of dental school. They all have had the not-so warm and pleasant feelings of crown and bridge and denture labs. They all have experienced long hours of studying followed early mornings and late afternoons treating patients, just to do it all over again. After this experience, one would think that this new dentist is then ready to enter into practice.

In the “olden” days, this would have been the case. In today’s times, this is not the case. Dentistry has become much more commercial, and few dental schools are preparing students for this “new world” experience.

Nowadays, you cannot just go out, hang up your shingle and go to work. The business side of dentistry weighs more heavily into your practice the more and more the world becomes technologically savvy.

With this being said, we must look at the basic principles of building a successful business as it is related to the world of dentistry. The first of these fundamentals is branding your business. Branding your business is not merely just slapping a name on it. Branding your business is finding that one, or couple of, things that sets it apart from the rest. This could be “sleep dentistry,” a highly cosmetic practice or being the dentist that is known for taking every insurance to be the “people’s” dentist.

Once you brand your business, you need to stick by it, at least for a while. If you continue to “flip flop” your business ideals, you will have no continuity of care for your patients. Patients like consistency. It makes them feel comfortable.

After you brand your business, remember to never stop learning. Dentistry is an ever evolving business. Patients always want the latest and the greatest. Different areas will dictate what is important to those patients. If your area is heavily into cosmetic, it would not behoove you to study better denture procedure. You must make your patients happy with the procedures you can provide. You must be able to do this and do it consistently. Consistency is the key to any business.

Bottom line, you must make your practice your own, and you must be consistent doing it. You must take ownership of all that is around you. It is when you fail to do this that your practice will fail. You did not get into this profession; learn all that you did, just to fail. If and when you feel it slipping, turn to others in your profession. Most likely, there are others out there that have been in a similar situation.

Dentistry Ethics

Dentistry EthicsDentistry has long been viewed as a cornerstone of ethics and responsibility. This is really saying a tremendous amount considering dentistry is a self-governed profession. It would be very easy for an unethical dentist to push the limits and break the rules of the Code of Conduct. This could also be very lucrative.

So, what holds a dentist accountable to being ethical? Ultimately, only the dentist can hold himself or herself to this high code of ethical standards. According to the ADA Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Behavior, you should be able to bank on 5 basic principles.

First on the list of these is to respect your patient. If you keep the wants and needs first and foremost in mind when treating patients, your practice will not only be successful, you will be deemed an ethical success and leader in your field.

Second on this list is to do no harm. This is also known as nonmaleficence. This builds on the first rule. Keep the respect of your patients first, but next you must not harm them in any of your procedures you perform on them.

Third on this list is to do good. This is also known as beneficence. Although this sounds similar to the last, it is really quite different. You can do no harm and yet still not do any good. It is crucial to have both of these working together. If you have all of the aforementioned three, your patient is off to a good start on being the real reason you practice.

Next on this list is to be fair. One would think in a successful business, and therefore practice, that this would be common sense. This does not mean only to treat your patient fairly to yourself, it means to treat your patients fairly amongst each other. You actually come second, or even further down the list, to your own patients. Every patient needs to be treated as equals.

Finally, on this list, is being truthful. This is yet another “common sense” practice for most businesses, but to some they must be reminded. If you always are truthful, with everyone involved in your practice, you will be on the fast-track to business success. This includes being truthful to yourself, your partners and colleagues, your staff, and most importantly, your patients.

This truncated list seems very common sense. Honestly, it is. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out, just a doctor! Overall, the practice of dentistry is easy. It is what we do every single day. It is the patient aspect of dentistry and the business aspect that will drive most dentists crazy. Don’t let the thoughts of how you can fail get in the way with how you are going to succeed. The basic principles of success are laid out here. With these, you can easily be a success.

Dental Marketing Trends 2016

Dental Marketing Trends 2016With new dental marketing companies popping up in every corner of the internet, it can feel a bit overwhelming when it comes to deciding what to do next. But with so many options, 2016 is the year of finding tried and true methods for marketing your dental practice.

Here are just a few:

Mobile Friendly Websites
Most of us look up information using our smart phones. If someone is at work and needs to get a hold of your office, your website needs to be easy to read on a mobile device. Mobile sites are often consolidated versions of the full desktop sites, with easy to find information like phone numbers, addresses, and contact forms.

Active Social Media Pages
If your social media page is dead, your office is going to look outdated. That’s just the way it is. Having multiple postings each week will show you’re keeping current with technology. Encouraging online “check-ins” by your patients can also attract new ones! Consider having a monthly drawing, but individuals have to “check-in” or “like” your page to enter.

Blogs are no different. If you don’t have time to update or post an article three or four times a month, consider hiring someone who can. The last thing you want someone to see is a dated entry that hasn’t been updated in 6 months.

Investing in Your Current Patients
Anybody can grab a few new patients with special offer coupons, but most of them are likely to show up for a cheap exam and never come back. Patient retention and treatment acceptance of your current patient load are just as important. You might find that investing in a new piece of equipment, such as an intraoral camera, will boost your care plan acceptance.

Clean Up Your Online Reputation
Are people leaving you reviews without you even realizing it? Popular sites like Yelp! and Google feature review options for local businesses. Be sure to see what people are saying, fix problems that exist, and address complaints to make things right. It’s also a good idea to provide an incentive for current patients to leave you a review.

Marketing your business is more than just setting up a Groupon deal or mailing out coupons. It’s about adding value for patients that will stick with you for years to come. Choose wisely! And please feel to commit or provide any more information on dental marketing trends 2016.

Dr. Steve Feit

Dr. Steve Feit hdr

curasan has selected Dr. Steve Feit as May’s “Most Interesting Person in Dentistry” not only because of his accomplishments and credentials but also due to his love of helping others through his multiple charitable and community related projects and activities.  His infectious good nature combined with his background and sense of giving are why we are proud to be associated with Dr. Feit.

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What makes Dr. Steve Feit so interesting.
The Truth or Fiction…

Click below for the details

[accordian class=”” id=””][toggle title=”He is an author.” open=”no”]TRUTH: Dr. Feit has an original research pending publication on proper occlusal plane.[/toggle]

[accordian class=”” id=””][toggle title=”Dr. Feit has a very compassionate heart.” open=”no”]TRUTH:  He is actively engaged in the DASH Program, and various other local charities as well as the dentalShift program.[/toggle]

[accordian class=”” id=””][toggle title=”He helps other dental professionals obtain happier, more profitable practices.” open=”no”]TRUTH: Along with several other highly successful dental professionals and businessmen he helps drive an extraordinary business model that defies convention. It is a happiness centered model where less is more. Less difficult patients, less staff, less stress leads to more income, more time and more joy.

The purpose of dentalShift is to bring this model, which is called “The Elegant Practice” to personal care offices throughout the world.[/toggle]

[accordian class=”” id=””][toggle title=”He purposefully gave up a run when pitching a perfect no-hitter that got him offers from major baseball teams.” open=”no”]TRUTH: According to Dr. Feit, “I was just out of my residency and completed a try out for a baseball team at the Jersey Shore for college kids trying to make it to the next level. The pitcher who was scheduled to play that day was ill and I got the nod.  I pitched a perfect game through 7 innings when the catcher came out to the mound to beg me to walk a batter to let him try to throw the runner out if he tried to steal second base. Without questioning him I did and he picked off their third base coach’s signs to steal, threw a perfect outside rising fastball to allow the catcher the best opportunity to throw the runner out which he did. At the end of the game the catcher said these guys want to meet you.  They were each in their 80’s and one was with the Twins and the other with the Cubs. They wanted to sign me.  Moral: you never know who is watching you.  Always do your flat out best, always.”[/toggle][/accordian]

Favorite Quote:

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do”.  Bruce Lee

More details on Dr. Steve Feit:

Dr. Steve Feit bioSteve was raised in Oradell, NJ near the George Washington Bridge. He graduated from Muhlenberg College (Allentown, PA) and NJ Dental School in 7 years as a combined accelerated program. He then completed his residency at The Goldman School of Graduate Dentistry-Boston University.

He was an abused associate for a year in Red Bank, NJ and left for Boca Raton, FL where he started his own practice from scratch. He then met and married his soul mate, Traci. They are very involved with their four kids. A girl and three boys. Steve coaches their sports teams from time to time.  He has restored a dozen or more classic cars.  He also enjoys martial arts training.