Collagen Wound Dressing – 10 Pack

Heali-Aid® Collagen Wound Dressing has been carefully engineered for wound care and socket preservation. Crafted from a native fibrous collagen matrix derived from purified Achilles bovine tendons. This pliable, porous dressing is effective for absorption and ease of application in bleeding wounds.

The multitude of features adds versatility to Heali-Aid® Collagen Wound Dressing. From creating an ideal socket for successful implantology procedures, to providing proper wound closure in surgeries ranging from sinus elevation to defect surgery, and post-odontectomy bleeding control, Heali-Aid® covers a wide spectrum of applications with effectiveness.

Choose Heali-Aid® Collagen Wound Dressing for bleeding control and wound healing needs. Elevate your practice with collagen, engineered absorption, and versatile applications.

Enhance your patient’s wound care and streamline post-surgical recovery.


  • Enhanced Healing: Stimulates faster wound healing compared to other dressings.
  • Pliable and Flexible: Easy application to wounds, ensuring optimal coverage.
  • Positive Cosmetic Effects: Improves appearance during the healing process.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for implantology, sinus elevation, defect surgery, and post-odontectomy bleeding control.


  • Periodontal Surgery
  • Implantology
  • Sinus Elevation
  • Defect Surgery
  • Stop Bleeding after an Odontectomy