• CERACELL Ortho Foam

CERACELL® Ortho Foam

The ideal open-cell bioceramic scaffold for posterolateral spinal fusion procedures.

CERACELL® is based on curasan’s proprietary pure-phase β-TCP technology and is additionally doped with silicate to enhance the mechanical stability and simultaneously offering high porosity.


“The silicate doping of the new CERACELL® Ortho Foam allows for increased osteoconductivity along with timely physiological resorption of the biomimetic scaffold thus leading to a full bone regeneration. CERACELL® Ortho Foam is a tailor-made solution for posterolateral fusion procedures!”


CERACELL® Ortho Moldable and Flexible Foam Strips

  1. Open-cell bio-ceramic collagen scaffold.
  2. Homogenous incorporation of silicate doping between
    β-TCP micro-; meso-; macro-size morsels in the collagen scaffold.
  3. 96 % high purity β-Tricalciumphosphate (β -TCP) + 4 % Silicate (Si).

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