Bone Regeneration

Resorbable, pure-phase silicated β-tricalcium phosphate + collagen matrix bone graft


CERACELL® Ortho Foam is a highly engineered bone graft composed of  silicated b-tricalcium phosphate embedded within a collagen matrix. This bone graft is uniquely designed for filing and bridging degenerative or traumatic bone defects for posterolateral fusion.

Bone graft handling provided in two options:

  • Moldable adapts and conforms to the defect.
  • Flexible provides compressive resistance and “shape memory” for surgical indications where muscles and other anatomic structures are challenging for bone graft placement


  • Designed for resorption and new bone formation to mimic autologous bone
  • Superior handling with rapid hydration
  • Silicate coupled with high porosity β-tricalcium phosphate to provide enhanced bone formation
  • Engineered graft designed to fully remodel into host (autologous) bone in the appropriate physiologic timeframe


  • Posterolateral Lumbar Fusion (PLF)