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Our curasan team develops, manufactures and distributes biomaterials for bone and tissue regeneration. Our proven technologies have set standards of care in dental as well as in orthopedic, trauma and spinal surgery around the globe. In our efforts to constantly innovate, Our subsidiary novaxomx researches and develops growth factors based on exosomes – a revolutionary approach to faster and better healing.

We represent a strong portfolio for dental and orthopedic surgery based on clinical evidence and great brands:


Under the CERASORB® umbrella brand, we have established an innovative product line for bone and tissue regeneration. The phase purity of the β-tricalcium phosphate we produce and use in CERASORB® is considered the reference standard* in the market worldwide.

Our products are the first choice of orthopedists, trauma and spine surgeons, sports physicians, as well as dental implantologists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons and specialists in surgical dentistry.

The expansive innovative products are certified by many international regulatory authorities and available in around 50 countries worldwide.

This global presence, with a major part of the business in Europe, the USA, China and Japan, is continuously strengthened and expanded by the more than 30 employees at the company headquarters in Frankfurt am Main and our subsidiary curasan, Inc. in North Carolina USA.

*International Center of Diffraction Data, USA, ICDD 55-898