A Clinical Breakthrough in Posterolateral Fusion Procedures

CERACELL® Ortho Foam

Orthopedic Innovation

Let’s dive into the recent clinical study led by Dr. Stephen Robbins and unravel what sets CERACELL® apart.

Understanding the Technology

Silicated β-TCP, CERACELL® Ortho Foam, and PLF Procedures

β-TCP (Beta- Tricalcium Phosphate) is a bioceramic material known for its bioresorbable properties. It mimics the mineral phase of natural bone, aiding in bone regeneration. When in-vivo, calcium phosphates provide osteo-conductivity and osteointegration at the site. In CERACELL® Ortho Foam, silicated β-TCP is embedded within a porcine collagen foam to enhance bone healing in PLF indications. The collagen foam not only provides a scaffold for stability and permeability, but the material itself promotes the attachment of osteoblasts. The foam comes in several different sizes and is often hydrated with autograft material to give the graft the best chance to achieve full resorption in about 6 – 12 months. CERACELL® foam also includes 4% silicate which promotes osteointegration at the site.

Posterior Lumbar Fusion (PLF) is a surgical technique used to fuse bones in the spine, providing stability and reducing pain. It involves placing bone grafts or substitutes alongside the affected vertebrae and securing them with a pedicle screw system. CERACELL® Ortho Foam’s unique composition supports this complex procedure, promoting successful fusion. A recent study conducted by Dr. Robbins supports CERACELL® Ortho Foam is an effective choice of graft for this procedure.

Study Participants

A Diverse Range

Thirteen patients participated, aged 37 to 83, including six males, seven females, and one smoker.

This assortment ensures the results resonate with various patient profiles.

Precision in Practice


CERACELL®‘s Ortho Foam strips were utilized in the study, often paired with autograft material. Radiographs at intervals provided in-depth insights into bone formation over time.

Clinical Findings

Excellence in Outcomes

  1. Unmatched Fusion Success:
    • 12-Month Fusion: 100% success. fused as evidenced with radiographs.
    • Long-Term Bone Formation: Consistent growth.
  1. Usability and Safety:
    • Handling: Surgeon-friendly handling with rapid hydration and easy handling.
    • Zero Complications: As reported by clinical site.

Patient Progression

12 Months to Full Fusion

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

CERACELL® Ortho Foam

The study’s results confirm CERACELL® Ortho Foam’s role in posterolateral spine fusion. With its β-TCP embedded collagen foam, CERACELL® was shown to be effective in PLF procedures.

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