Bone Regeneration

Repair or Regenerate?

Autograft is the gold standard for bone grafting, but can result in harvest site patient morbidity, and complications. For procedures where harvesting autograft isn’t feasible, an alternative is required that provides proven clinical results,  is easy to use and is cost-effective.

Treatment of bone defects continues to pose major challenges for clinicians from different disciplines. Thus, in order to re–establish bone stability, bone replacement and bone regeneration products are used on a regular basis.

For almost thirty years, curasan has been researching and developing alternatives to autograft, to deliver  biomimetic scaffold technology that works with the body’s natural healing cascade.

Don’t Settle for Ordinary.

We offer a complete portfolio of synthetic bone regeneration materials, as well as tissue-based products.   Our flagship line, CERASORB® Ortho Foam, is highly engineered to offer exceptional handling and clinical results.

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