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CERACELL Ortho Foam: Confidence in spinal fusion procedures

LIT 500-24 REV A

This is the initial overview brochure of CERACELL Ortho Foam in spine.  The brochure goes into details regarding:

  • Product composition and similarity to autograft bone
  • Key selling features
  • Description of studies showing function in spine including histology of how our product works over time
  • Description of the two types: Moldable and Flexible including Catalog #’s and sizes

CERASORB Ortho Foam Case Study: Olecranon fracture, partial non-union

LIT 800-03 REV A
  • 57-year-old male w/ comminuted olecranon (elbow) fracture required surgery with internal fixation plates.
  • 3 mon. Pt showed signs of infection with no signs of bone consolidation.
  • Pt underwent 3rd operation.  X-ray and CT showed a large nonunion, defect was debrided and filled w/ CERASORB Foam.
  • 5 wk. post op X-ray showed progressive remodeling and patient returned to work.
  • Full resorption of CERASORB ORTHO at 5-month post-op.

CERASORB Ortho Foam Case Study: Communitive mid-shaft clavicle fracture

LIT 800-04 REV A
  • Overview: 60-year-old male, required surgery on a comminuted mid-shaft clavicle fracture. Pre-bent clavicle plate was used.
  • A displaced bony fragment resulted in a 2cm defect which was filled with CERASORB Ortho Foam.
  • Results: X-ray showed complete bone consolidation and remodeling of CERASORB Ortho Foam at 10 weeks

CERASORB Ortho Foam: Lower Extremity Case Series

LIT 800-08 REV A
  • Naviculo-Cuneiform Joint Fusion
  • Midfoot Fracture/Fusion Cases
  • Subtalar Arthrodesis


LIT 900-10 REV A

The advanced solution for critical orthopedic indications and high volume defects.


LIT 500-01 REV A

Don’t settle for Ordinary

OUP: A. Breil-Wirth – Application of Cerasorb Foam
In Orthopedics- a Prospective Trial

08700120/ 1.2016
  • 55 Patients, 17-79 w/ need of bone augmentation or replacement.
  • Assessment: 6wk, 3, 6 and 12 mon. (28 pts completed 1-year assessment.)
  • Results: After 1 year an average of 3.2 out of 4 (complete) was achieved for bone formation, and absorption was 1.8 / 2 (complete.) 86% of pts showed complete resorption.

OUP: Alfred Gruber – Cerasorb in Orthopedic Surgery, Trauma and Hand Surgery

  • Overview: Between 1997- 2013, 106 cases w/ indications of tumor, rheumatism and trauma. All patients treated with CERASORB. Autologous bone was added during 8 of the procedures and in 59 PRP was used.
  • Results: In the long term, resorption of the ceramic material with simultaneous formation of bone.
  • No differences across all indications, regardless of added materials. No clinical irregularities or complications.
CERASORB Ortho Granules: Knee Journal article "ß-TCP bone substitutes in tibial plateau depression fractures".

CERASORB Ortho Granules: Knee Journal article “ß-TCP bone substitutes in tibial plateau depression fractures”

  • 52 patient study in tibial plateau fractures using CERASORB granules and/or CERASORB forms (custom product in US) along with internal fixation.
  • Study utilized clinical assessments, radiographic analysis and histological analysis.
  • Overall study showed very positive clinical outcomes with bone incorporation and acceptable functional patient outcomes.