I would like to thank you for your business. I joined curasan Inc, in 2016 as President, and am excited to be here.

To tell you a little about us: We are innovators for dental and orthopedic biomaterials with a 25-year history and close to 2 million bone grafts implanted. Our flagship biosynthetic product, CERASORB M, is part of the next generation of synthetic bone grafts designed and engineered to turnover bone in balance with the clinical needs of the patient with over 150 journal articles supporting its use

In addition to synthetic materials we offer human allograft putties and both synthetic and collagen-based membranes. We are proud to provide outstanding customer service and full product portfolio to meet your dental and orthopaedic needs.

William Arthur Ward once said, “The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” Our company has gone through some changes in the past and we have readjusted our sails to reinforce our commitment to dental and orthopedics.

We are making changes to focus on and better serve you with relevant products and easier ordering—while still retaining our outstanding customer service focus.

I’m looking forward to building strong relationships with our customers and I welcome and encourage your feedback: please call or email me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Honest feedback is important—because it’s the only way we can improve.

Curasan is an innovative developer, manufacturer and marketer of biomaterials for bone and tissue products for the world-wide dental and orthopedic markets. Our focus will be on delivering these innovative biomaterials to you to help your patients and clinical outcomes. I hope you will give us the opportunity to continue to earn your business. Email us at customercare@curasan.com to tell us how we’re doing or to request more information.

Welcome to the new curasan!


M. Shane Ray