questions about dental bone graftingSmiling is the purest expression of happiness. At curasan, we want people to be able to preserve their smile with high quality dental bone grafting and dental implants. There is not much information available on dental implants unless the dental patient has known someone that has received a bone graft. If not, then it is unlikely that one would know the right questions to ask their dentist, oral surgeon or other implant specialist.

curasan recommends that you ask your dental professional the following questions before any dental bone grafting, bone regeneration or dental implant procedure:

  • How long does the procedure take?
    The visit to perform bone grafting is approximately one hour, depending on other procedures that may occur at the same time. Subsequent visits for dental implants can take an hour or longer, depending on how many implants will be placed.
  • Will the procedure hurt?
    The patient will feel nothing during these procedures because their dental professional will numb the area. There may be mild discomfort after the procedure, but the dental professional will know how to treat any discomfort.
  • What are the costs?
    A treatment plan is unique to the patient’s specific oral situation. A dental professional will prepare a plan of treatment and review expenses with the patient.
  • How well do dental bone grafting and dental implants work?
    Dental bone grafting and dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth and are highly successful – over 90% of the time they are trouble-free, according to various studies. With proper care, you can expect a natural-looking, permanent solution to missing teeth.

With any healthcare decision, it is important to be comfortable in your choice. By asking these questions and using products provided by curasan one can be sure that they are receiving the best possible dental solution.

If you are a patient considering a dental bone graft or dental implants, share this post with your dental professional to make sure they are using curasan Inc. products. Our products are backed by years of clinical experience and have been used successfully in more than 350,000 patients.

If you are a dental professional, share this post with patients who are considering bone grafting. This will help alleviate concerns as well as give them a more accurate idea of what a procedure would entail. curasan is leading the way in dental bone grafting and regeneration for improved dental health.