Dentist Mistakes As a manufacturer of dental bone grafting and tissue products, curasan keeps its finger on the pulse of industry trends, techniques and overall business practices. As such it is often easy to identify dental practices that are succeeding and ones that are not.

Providing exceptional dental care to patients is only a small piece of a profitable practice. Graduating from the top of a prestigious dental school does not guarantee someone will be successful within the dental industry. Creating a positive work environment and having a basic understanding of how to run a small business are often the key to success.

Dentist mistakes:
  • Not communicating with staff: Regular meeting should be scheduled with the entire staff to communicate the current and future goals of the dental practice. This can be as simple as a weekly morning meeting before the 1st patient arrives. But, use this opportunity to review practice procedures and new products.
  • Failing to be a leader: Great leaders need to motivate staff and give praise when it is due. When employees feel valued they are more productive and efficient with their work.
  • Not listening to staff: Employees typically spend more time in front of dental patients than the owner. As a result, the staff have a greater understanding of the patient experience as it pertains to billing, scheduling, common questions and concerns. Seeking out staff input can help form the policies and procedures of a successful practice.
  • Hiring the wrong staff: Building a team takes time and money so it is important to make hiring decisions wisely. Hire dental hygienist and support staff with the skills and work ethics important to the practice.
  • Not understanding the financial health of the practice: As a business owner, a basic understanding of accounting and financial statements is required to be successful.
  • Not keeping up with technology: Patients today are drawn towards technology. It is important to keep the practice moving forward when it comes to technology advancements. All dental staff should receive regular training on new technologies.

It can take years to build a successful dental practice. It is important to regularly review what is working and what is not, making small changes can improve not only the patient experience and workplace performance of a practice.

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