Missing TeethIn the United States about 70% of adults are missing at least one tooth. Usually it is a molar that is undetectable in everyday life, but what are the effects of losing some of your teeth?

Losing one or more of your teeth, if left untreated, can impact much more than just your smile. However these impacts are often hidden so we often do not realize the damage being done until more long-term effects start cropping up. One of the goals of curasan is to provide dental bone grafting products and services that help restore normal function, health, and comfort to dental patients across the U.S.

curasan has noticed the following effects on individuals who have left their missing teeth untreated in the long-term.

Dietary Health

  • Poor chewing from lost teeth could result in an inability to consume a complete and health diet, but this is just the first in a chain of events that can lead to serious consequences. Poor nutrition from the loss of chewing function may also contribute to a number of unrelated health problems.

Facial Changes

  • Without the support of your teeth and jawbone, your face may change shape or appear to be prematurely aging. In more extreme cases of tooth loss the lower half of the face actually collapses.

Vocal difficulties

  • With the structure and support provided by a health set of teeth and well-functioning jawbone the ability to annunciate and clearly speak is inhibited, creating a number of issues throughout one’s daily interactions.

Whether your tooth loss is due to an accident or periodontal disease, there are treatment options and curasan products to reverse the damage and restore your mouth to natural function and good health. Rest assured that individuals who choose to have curasan dental implants have said that their dental replacement products function just like their normal teeth.