There are many options out there when it comes to grafting, many of which patients have no idea about. Patients, for the most part, will trust their doctor’s advice and just do what he/she says. And why shouldn’t they? Doctors are very smart people! But equipping them with the information to make their own choice can be beneficial as well.

Dental Patients ChoseWhile the doctor may prefer one type of graft material over another, the patient may have a different opinion on what they want in their body. What if the patient is vegan and can’t have animal bone? Or what if her religion won’t allow her to have anything but a synthetic? These issues are important and it may be a good idea to discuss them with your patients.

Keeping your patients’ preferences in mind might seem more difficult, but they will thank you for it and appreciate your consideration—you might even get a referral out of it!

Do you give your patients an option? Do you only use one type of graft material? Let us know in the comments!