Did you know there are some foods that are considered “super foods” when it comes to protecting your teeth? AND surprisingly, one of those foods is a sweet?

Chocolate CBHHere are some not so obvious choices for better smiles:

1. Chocolate CBH. Yep, you read that right. Dark chocolate contains a compound called CBH which has been proven to protect enamel, which prevents tooth decay. In order to get the benefit from this treat, you will need dark chocolate with 70% cacao, not milk chocolate.

2. Cheese. This food helps combat acid erosion. Each time you eat a meal with bread, sweets, citrus, or soda you should follow up with a piece of cheese to counteract the acid from these foods. We recommend sheep and goat’s cheeses, as these are better for you and your digestive system.

3. Sugar-free gum. While artificial sweeteners aren’t generally recommended, this is the exception. Chewing gum stimulates saliva production which bathes your teeth in bone-strengthening calcium and phosphate while washing away bacteria. Look for brands with xylitol as this actually fights the bacteria that causes tooth decay.

Next time you are looking for a snack, choose one of these options for a brighter, stronger smile!