Ring In the New

As the year draws to a close, it seems a natural time to reflect on the events of the past and dental biomaterial trends for the upcoming year in the world of bone regeneration. First, it is important to say “thank you” to all of our customers. It has been a pleasure to work with […]

Simplifying Bone Grafting for Dental Practices

Simplifying Bone Grafting for Dental Practices with curasan’s Dental Bone Grafts

When you own a dental practice, your aim has to be performing safe dental procedures, giving your patients the peace of mind and growing your practice as a business to care for a larger audience. However, the complexity of traditional bone grafting procedures involving allografts and autografts poses challenges for new and established practices. With curasan’s osteobiologic products, you have the opportunity to change.

Known Globally, Loved Locally for providing dental biomaterials

Over the years, curasan has worked hard to propel and expand the idea of modern bone grafting around the world. We can proudly say that we are known globally for our contributions in the field of bone grafting.

Curasan Event Calendar

2017 Q1 Event Calendar

2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Curasan, Inc—with new product releases, clinical studies, continuing education and workshop events as well participation in multiple industry events. Read on for a quick look at what’s on tap in Q1 for Curasan…and when you’re at one of these major industry events, stop by to see us!

Welcome to the new curasan

I would like to thank you for your business. I joined curasan Inc, in 2016 as President, and am excited to be here. To tell you a little about us: We are innovators for dental and orthopedic biomaterials with a 25-year history and close to 2 million bone grafts implanted. Our flagship biosynthetic product, CERASORB […]

Future of Dentistry

When many of us think about the future of dentistry, we tend to think of a new material or procedure, much like dental implants has become in the past few decades. This article will address it in another manner. We will look at the future of dentistry according to the number of dentists practicing per […]

Retaining Dental Patients

One of the best ways to retain dental patients and ensure that you’re meeting the specific needs of each of your patients is to get to know them personally. Yes, it’s important to focus on the dental needs at hand, but if you truly know your patients, you’ll be more equipped to create a successful […]

Build A Dental Practice

First Comes Dental School, then Comes What?!? For most dentists, there are a few common themes to all of their educational and professional experiences. They all have, obviously, been through the rigor of dental school. They all have had the not-so warm and pleasant feelings of crown and bridge and denture labs. They all have […]

Dentistry Ethics

Dentistry has long been viewed as a cornerstone of ethics and responsibility. This is really saying a tremendous amount considering dentistry is a self-governed profession. It would be very easy for an unethical dentist to push the limits and break the rules of the Code of Conduct. This could also be very lucrative. So, what […]

Dental Marketing Trends 2016

With new dental marketing companies popping up in every corner of the internet, it can feel a bit overwhelming when it comes to deciding what to do next. But with so many options, 2016 is the year of finding tried and true methods for marketing your dental practice. Here are just a few: Mobile Friendly […]