dental implants into your practiceIt can be a great strategy to incorporate dental implants into your practice. Even if you are not ready to perform implant surgery, you can learn how to handle implant-prosthetic restorations in your office. Out of all the advancements in dentistry over the past few decades, implant dentistry can provide one of the largest gains for your patients and your practice.

When considering treatment for your patients, they deserve the highest possible care and options available. Implants, above providing high esthetic value and health perspectives also provide large benefits to your practice financially.

Traditionally, conventional crown and bridge dentistry has been the most profitable aspect of a dentist practice. This may not be the most beneficial option anymore for your practice or your patient. Beautiful smiles and health concerns have grown in importance in our culture and dental implants can provide the best possible solution for those concerns. The additional benefit of diet and nutrition also play a role in the quality of life for your patient. The food selection difference between patients with implants and patients who are partially or fully edentulous can be massive, which can make a significant impact on other health concerns. A better diet can largely impact cardiovascular disease, chances for colon cancer and many other health issues.

In your practice a typical 40-hour week with standard crown and bridge dentistry can be done in 16 hours or less with implant dentistry (restorative only). There are over 100 million people in North America who are missing teeth and surprisingly less than 40% of dentists deal with dental implants. Additionally only 5% of tooth replacements are done with implants. With patients increased awareness of the benefits of dental implants we see the market growing from 15-17% annually. By age 74, 26% of adults will have lost all of their permanent teeth.

It is actually quite surprizing how few general dentist are placing implant given:

  • The potential to increase production with an easily sustainable revenue stream for both surgical and restorative practices
  • The many quality-of-life benefits that implant dentistry offers patients
  • The trend of the dental implant market and the demand from patients

The Pacific Institute’s CORE Implant Programs offer dental implant training that can easily be accommodated into your budget and your schedule. The CORE Programs are designed for either the general dentist or specialist who has no prior experience in Oral Implantology or who has already started the journey but would like to increase their skill and knowledge. PI’s graduates have proven track records of successfully implementing implant dentistry into their practice. Participants will gain the ability to recognize, treatment plan and preform essential implant treatment comfortably. The clinicians will become knowledgeable in the essential aspects of implant prosthetics, basic surgical aspects of implant dentistry and bone grafting.

The two main instructors of the CORE Implant Programs are leaders in the industry. Dr. Bobby Birdi is the first and only specialist in the world to attain Canadian and American board certifications in both Periodontics and Prosthodontics. Dr. Ron Zokol has lead the industry in implant dentistry for over 30 years and has over 20 years instructing dentist in state-of-the-art procedures.

Please visit information or call 1-604-868-9700 if you are considering adding dental implants into your practice.