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Dental Disease: How to Approach 3 Common Comorbidities when Restoring Smiles

Periodontal disease is linked to numerous conditions. Get the facts on how three leading comorbidities are influenced by oral health and vice versa, plus learn tips to increase patient compliance with treatment.

Are You Cleaning With the Right Tool?

Find out if you’re brushing with the right tool by learning the pros and cons of a manual vs electric toothbrush.

How Your Oral Routine Can Affect Your Overall Health

Correlation between oral hygiene and overall health.

Bruxism: Getting to the Root of Teeth Grinding

Bruxism is excessive teeth grinding and should not be left untreated. 70% of Bruxism is caused by stress. Learn more about signs and symptoms while getting to the source of your jaw pain.

Educate Your Patients on The Warning Signs of Periodontal Gum Disease

Thirty years ago, curasan was born. From that day forward they have become a pioneer and global technology leader in the growing field of regenerative medicine. They founded the best research teams and development engineers the industry has ever experienced.

Missing #7: Help Your Patients Find Their Smile

Searching for the right option to help your patients find their smile? Ridge preservation is something to talk about and curasan can help. We offer patient education in addition to our premium bone grafting options.

Food For Thought

Did you know there are some foods that are considered “super foods” when it comes to protecting your teeth? AND surprisingly, one of those foods is a sweet? Here are some not so obvious choices for better smiles: 1. Chocolate CBH.…