Synthetic Bone Grafting Yields Revenue for Your Practice

How synthetic tissue for bone grafting procedures can increase both productivity and profit for your dental practice.
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Brief Overview of Dental Surgical Grafting Materials

Review the uses, types, and advancements in dental grafting materials over the years. This includes biologic and synthetic grafting materials, where to use what type of material, and what advantages each material offers.

Restoring Oral Function in Your Patients

We offer a complete line of bone grafting materials, ranging from biosynthetics to human products. Depending on the indication, the doctor can choose between the non-resorbable bone graft product Osbone® or fully resorbable bone graft from the CERASORB® product family.

Ring In the New

As the year draws to a close, it seems a natural time to reflect on the events of the past and dental biomaterial trends for the upcoming year in the world of dental biomaterials. First, it is important to say “thank you” to all of our…
Simplifying Bone Grafting for Dental Practices

Simplifying Bone Grafting for Dental Practices with curasan’s Dental Bone Grafts

When you own a dental practice, your aim has to be performing safe dental procedures, giving your patients the peace of mind and growing your practice as a business to care for a larger audience. However, the complexity of traditional bone grafting procedures involving allografts and autografts poses challenges for new and established practices. With curasan’s osteobiologic products, you have the opportunity to change.
Simplifying Bone Grafting for Dental Practices

What To Ask Your Doctor About Dental Bone Grafting

Smiling is the purest expression of happiness. At curasan, we want people to be able to preserve their smile with high quality dental bone grafting and dental implants. There is not much information available on dental implants unless the dental…
Simplifying Bone Grafting for Dental Practices

On The Fence About Synthetics?

5 Reasons Why You Should Make the Switch to Synthetic Graft Material  Safety. While human and bovine graft materials are tested and processed for sterility, there is still no guarantee there will not be an immunological reaction or transfer…
Simplifying Bone Grafting for Dental Practices

Why Graft

Let’s take a look at the benefits of grafting. I’m sure you already know why it’s important, but your patients may not. This is a simple image that may help them understand why they should graft early on: Your patients may want to skip…
Simplifying Bone Grafting for Dental Practices

Do You Let Your Patients Choose?

There are many options out there when it comes to grafting, many of which patients have no idea about. Patients, for the most part, will trust their doctor’s advice and just do what he/she says. And why shouldn’t they? Doctors are very…