Independent Dental Sales RepresentativesIf you’re looking for better working conditions, more flexibility and the peace of mind of setting your own schedule then becoming an independent dental sales rep may be the answer.  As an independent contractor to virtually any company, especially the dental industry, all this is possible.

It’s true – dental sales positions can be quite lucrative considering how much experience the rep has and industry sector they are in.  But is it worth it to work from within the four grey walls of the corporate world or to be a gunslinger out on the open range as an independent contractor.  Both have their advantages but which is right for you?  It all comes down to what makes you tick… what jazzes you… what motivates you and keeps you wanting more or getting more out of your job in general.

Becoming an independent dental sales representative can indeed provide better working conditions, more flexible hours and potentially higher income. If this way of earning a living is interesting to you here are some things to consider.

A different way of working

As an independent sales representative you are not employed with a company in what is considered a typical company/employee relationship.  Instead, you are a 1099 employee or what is termed a contractor.  In many scenarios the contractor works on a project basis or for a defined length of time.  This can be the case with independent dental sales representatives.  Such arrangements are often utilized when an additional sales force is needed to launch a product.  In most cases, however, dental supply companies bring on independent sales reps to augment their existing sales force.  These individuals actually work for themselves. They represent and sell a company’s products or services but don’t get the standard company benefits such as health insurance, 401K opportunities, etc.  This may, on the surface, appear to be an insecure way of life but knowing your skillset is in demand by multiple companies can actually give you a higher level of confidence and an even greater sense of security.

Advantages of being an independent dental sale representative:
  • You’re the boss
    The only person you actually have to report to is yourself.  In most cases independent dental sales representatives don’t have to call in or even provide reports to the companies they are contracted with.  Depending on the company you may not even be required to ever come in to the corporate offices.
  • More flexibility
    This may be the single most alluring aspect of being an independent sales representative. You structure your days to meet whatever needs you have because you set your own schedule, make however many sales calls you want or go on as many meetings as you want.
  • Work from home
    There is basically no commuting.  You get up and start your day from your home office.  The only time you would, in essence, have to ever leave your house is to make an in-person sales call.
  • Less corporate stress
    There are few or even no meetings and virtually no office politics.
  • Earn whatever you want
    Unlike some sales positions that are non-commission based, most independent dental sales positions are entirely commission based which means the sky is the limit for what you can make.  Your own internal motivation is the driving factor.
  • Test drive a company
    Many independent reps have the opportunity to work as a full time employee if they ultimately prove themselves to be a producer.  But if you are not sure a new company is offering the right full-time employment opportunity for you, suggest first working for them as an independent contractor.

If these benefits sound appealing, you might have the right mindset and skills to become a great independent sale representative.

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